GMN USA provides machine tool spindle sales and service for the North American market.  We provide Spindle service for any GMN spindle and most other make and model spindles.  GMN USA offers a wide range of spindle support equipment including oil/air lubricators, coolant chillers, spindle drives, assemblies and cables.

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The Microconic™ workholding system was developed to accurately hold and clamp small diameter parts in lathes and swiss style CNC machines. The system consists of two components: a Cartridge and a series of collets.   We've created a workholding system that allows you to hold smaller parts with a higher level or accuracy and clamping pressure than every before achieved!

Unsurpassed concentricity, typically 3 microns (.0001") and guaranteed to be within 5

BENZ has specialized in the development and manufacturing of future-oriented tooling systems for turning and milling machines and machining centers, such as:

ETP offers hydraulic tool holders for Milling and Swiss machines.  HYDRO-GRIP high precision toolholders are your guarantee of secure clamping for milling, drilling and reaming tools.  With the extensive range HYDRO-GRIP high precision toolholders all application areas, from finishing to heavy roughing, is covered. 

BENZ LinTec - Push-type slotting (Broaching) 

Angle Heads (fixed and adjustable)

Multi Spindle Heads 

Live Tools

BENZ SolidFix® Modular System, 

High Speed Spindles