BENZ LinTec - Push-type slotting (Broaching) 

Angle Heads (fixed and adjustable)

Multi Spindle Heads 

Live Tools

BENZ SolidFix® Modular System, 

High Speed Spindles

Static Toolholders

BENZ has specialized in the development and manufacturing of future-oriented tooling systems for turning and milling machines and machining centers, such as:

The Microconic™ workholding system was developed to accurately hold and clamp small diameter parts in lathes and swiss style CNC machines. The system consists of two components: a Cartridge and a series of collets.   We've created a workholding system that allows you to hold smaller parts with a higher level or accuracy and clamping pressure than every before achieved!

Unsurpassed concentricity, typically 3 microns (.0001") and guaranteed to be within 5

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