Speedgrip Chuck, Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of internal and external gripping collet chucks, diaphragm chucks, and between center mandrels. Air and hydraulic cylinders are available to compliment our workholding lines.  Also included with the Speedgrip chuck are Madison Face Drivers.  The Madison Face Driver division offers a wide variety of standard drivers and pins along with special design face drivers. Featuring the Hydra-Drive line for extreme accuracy requirements.

Jergens Workholding Solutions has all the standard components you need; plus: vises, 5 axis workholding and innovative quick change fixturing systems to help you maximize you machine uptime.

Blue Photon is the World's first adhesive workholding company.

The Blue Photon System is a new revolutionary workholding product that utilizes BlueGrip Adhesives and UV light to bond and grip delicate and complex shaped machined parts. 

MicroCentric is renowned for building workholding products of unmatched precision and accuracy. Most MicroCentric’s precision chucks have a standard repeating accuracy of .0001″ (0.002mm), and many models are accurate to within .00005″ (0.001mm).

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